Taiwan’s giant cargo ship “cut off” the Suez Canal, causing a major two-way jam! Subsequent fines may be imposed

Sudden: Beijing time on the 23rd at about 12 o’clock, 20,000 boxes of Taiwan Governor Rong shipping container ship Ever Given due to sudden power failure in the cabin, south of the Suez Canal single-navigation tank south of Dachwan Lake out of control, horizontal blocking of the Suez Canal.
Because it is a heavy-duty ship, the first and last have been stranded on the shore, tugboats can not be towed out, can only be first excavated earth and stone, and then with high-horsepower tugboats to drag it out, so that some industry insiders pointed out that the Suez Canal congestion has a chance to take about a month, so that the world shipping market prices will fluctuate dramaticly.

Post time: Mar-24-2021