Proud! the national flag of the People’s Republic of China raised on the moon!

The “fabric version” of the national flag of the People’s Republic of China was successfully displayed on the moon for the first time!

After about 19 hours of lunar surface work, the lunar exploration project Chang’e-5 probe successfully completed automatic sampling of the lunar surface, December 3, 23:10, the ascenter with the moon’s “earth products” successfully lifted off, embarking on a journey home.

Before the completion of the sampling mission to take off, the lander carried a “fabric version” of the five-star red flag in the moon surface successfully launched, this is the first time in China on the surface of the moon to achieve the “independent display” of the national flag, but also marked the success of the moon flag display system.

Because the universe has strong electromagnetic radiation, and the moon’s surface has a temperature difference of plus or minus 150 degrees Celsius and other harsh environment, which determines that the ordinary flag can not be used on the moon.

The research team designed a variety of display forms for this purpose, but how to ensure that the flag is strong enough to remain flat, the research team around this issue has done a lot of theoretical research and simulation experiments. In their research, they found that although the strength of some fiber materials is very high, but the dyeing performance is poor, dyeing performance is better fiber materials, the strength can not meet the requirements, therefore, a single fiber and textile process can not meet the requirements of the facing environment. At the same time, also ensure that the flag rolled up in the temperature difference of plus or minus 150 degrees Celsius can not be glued together.

“The flag display system is an extravehicle stand-alone system that has been exposed to extreme conditions since the launch vehicle dropped the rectital, from the Earth-moon transfer orbit to the moon orbit, to the time the probe landed on the moon,” said Ma Wei, project director of the Flag Display System. We found through experiments that if the flag used on Earth were placed on the moon, its color would fade, string, and even break down in a very short period of time. “

In order to complete the development task of quality and quantity, the research team is not afraid of hardship, while carpet-type access to literature, while extensive research and demonstration, hand in hand with domestic advantage units to carry out key technology joint attack. To this end, they had to go out and cooperate with universities and research institutions, consulting many well-known domestic textile enterprises, looking for suitable fiber materials for use on the moon.

Cheng Chang, technical director of the flag display system, said that the scientific research team spent more than 1 year on the selection of materials, and finally selected twenty or thirty kinds of fiber materials, and then by doing physical tests, including thermal matching, high and low temperature, anti-static, anti-moon dust, etc., the scientific research team finally decided to adopt a new composite material, not only to meet the strength requirements, but also to meet the dyeing performance requirements, so as to ensure that the flag can resist the harsh environment of the moon, do not color, do not color, do not color, do not color.

In Mawei’s words, although it is only a thin flag, but the technical content is very high.


Post time: Dec-04-2020