Information about grey fabric

Greige fabric is also known as grey fabric and the term grey does not indicate the color of the fabric but the finish. This fabric is unprocessed or unfinished which hasn’t been dyed, bleached and processed. It can be used in the making of upholstery, home linen, clothes, garments and more. Another common term for greige fabric is raw fabric. We supply woven or knitted greige fabric.

1, the recent billet factory loom opening rate has improved, dyeing factory also began to busy up. The inquiry of fixed-woven varieties has increased, and the prices of conventional varieties are still in low competition. Cotton yarn prices compared with the previous period there is no big fluctuations, weaving plant on-demand procurement, reserves are more cautious.
2, the recent market is stable, small fluctuations, conventional varieties have rebounded, yarn prices by cotton futures prices and new cotton acquisition prices, also calmed. The gold and silver ten are not as good as people think.
3, the recent market overall domestic orders compared to the past slightly increased, the price is relatively stable, fixed weaving, differentiated fiber and thick variety-based, printing and dyeing plant delivery period slightly extended, a larger number of orders price competition is fierce.

Post time: Jun-03-2019