Do you really know about Xinjiang cotton?

Xinjiang cotton, Xinjiang cotton to long velvet, good quality, high yield is well-known in the world. The soil and climate are different from other places and can be lit for up to 18 hours or more.

Xinjiang has unique natural conditions, soil is alkaline, summer temperature difference, abundant sunshine, photosynthesis is sufficient, long growth time, resulting in Xinjiang cotton cultivation shows more prominent characteristics.

Ordinary towels are made of cotton yarn with a fiber length of 27mm or less, and Xinjiang 129 cotton yarn fibers are made of more than 29mm in length.
The use of Xinjiang cotton 37mm or more ultra-long cotton produced cotton towels, soft texture, comfortable feel, bright colors, good water absorption. The quality is much better than other ordinary cotton yarn towels.

Agricultural drones have become the preferred smart farm machine for cotton farmers to carry out leaf removal operations. As of July, Xinjiang has more than 5,000 agricultural plant protection drones based on Beidou navigation system, with an operating area of more than 133.33 million hectares.

Xinjiang cotton is a very high-quality textile raw materials, can bring the fabric very soft touch and good water absorption breathability, is recognized as an excellent product in the world

Post time: Apr-23-2021